Custom Crystal Design

Custom Crystal Design

Custom Crystal Design

My custom crystal designs take your showpiece to a higher level. We don't just create beautiful designs; we create designs that are guided by your intentions and the qualities you want to manifest in your life. Each crystal holds metaphysical properties and produces specific vibrational qualities, and the shape of the crystal carries significance. All of our crystals are one of a kind and gently hand-chosen, so you can be sure to have a unique piece that speaks to you. Setting your intention in the form of a positive affirmation while holding and carrying your (specifically chosen) crystal will assist you in giving that goal greater power and direction. 

Additionally, certain colors of gemstones can have a greater impact on those who wear them with purpose. Gemstones associated with the seven chakras can be used to restore balance in the chakras and promote peace, energy, and alignment. Certain gemstones can be associated with one or more chakras and represent specific attributes. For example, the tiger's eye is believed to boost creativity. 

We offer a wide variety of crystals (such as points, towers, spheres, clusters, and more) to ensure that you get the crystal of your dreams. Don't wait any longer to elevate your crystal collection with a custom-designed piece from Authentic Fun Crystal Affirmation Design. Get in touch with us today, and let's start creating a crystal masterpiece tailored to your intentions!

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