Refund Policy

All of our Authentic Fun Crystal Affirmation Designs (AF/CAD) are original designs and not meant to be copied, used for commercial or any other purpose. These CAD’s are meant to remain permanently affixed, (unless otherwise noted). We bring this to your attention for the following reasons:

We, Authentic Fun Crystal Affirmation Design want you to be happy and pleased with your purchase. Beside the photo(s) appearing on our pages, we will photograph your purchase prior to carefully packing/sealing.

We ask that you treat your artistically created design/sculpture with gentle kindness and TLC. We cannot be held responsible and cannot guarantee that your CAD will remain intact if it is treated roughly. Once received and opened, rough handling or holding in a manner not intended, dropping, pulling at portions, parts or segments may damage your item. Extreme cold, high humidity, water, porosity of the stone (Mohs scale), corrosive mixtures as well as other unknown seeming rather benign mixtures are just a few examples of harm.

If an item arrives damaged, please complete the following, which we must receive within 7 days of you receiving the package. 1) Photograph the entire outside of the box upon arrival if you suspect damage may have occurred. 2) if possible, please photograph the item while still in it’s original box. 3) Send additional photographs if needed to support the item in question. 4) Send all required information to [email protected] within the specific time limit. 5) In the subject line: “FOR IMMEDIATE REVIEW” 6) In your email, please clearly identify as much information as possible such as: how you received your item and any probable cause for breakage. Please wait for our response and instructions on returning the item Due to the nature of our business, please be absolutely sure of your purchase as only for cases of accidental “in transit” damage will be considered. Unfortunately, no consideration will be provided for personal reasons such as “I changed my mind” “The color doesn’t match my rug” etc. We will make every effort, at your additional request to answer all questions to your satisfaction PRIOR to the sale. Namaste