High and Low Vibrations

There are subtle differences between the terminology of high and low vibrations. While the Root Chakra has the lowest vibrations, it does not mean that those vibrations are related to sadness, depression, or despondency. The root chakra is responsible for our instincts of survival, security, and stability. Now, low vibrations take on two meanings here. The Root Chakra produces low vibrations, but when the quantity of these vibrations is too low, greedy materialism, self-interest, and even lack or low spirituality are the result. Our heart works at a higher vibrational level with the corresponding attributes of unconditional love, compassion, empathy, and doing for others without expecting anything in return. When the quality of these vibrations rises too high unpredictability, thought process dysfunction, and possibly a sense of disassociation may occur. There is additional information located, as your needs desire through simple internet searches.
Putting it all together
Intention with meaningful affirmations; the concepts and theories of color (the psychological studies and findings); the law of vibration (your overall state of being [mental and emotional]); and EMFs (electrical magnetic fields) are important and useful areas to understand as you work toward transforming your life. Having an open and willing intention toward this goal is also of great importance. 
Color, an outward expression of how we convey information, create certain moods, even in the influencing of decisions. The psychologist Carl Jung defined a person’s temperament in terms of color. He created a color wheel with cool blue, fire red, sunshine yellow and earth green.
Our bodies vibrate at different levels at different times
The vibrations we produce are directly linked to our current state of being
EMFs, Electromagnetic fields, affect our lives everyday. They are the invisible pollution given off by power lines, electric equipment and appliances, cell phones, computers, etc. Exposure can create a long list of symptoms (National Institute of health.gov).
My personal Notes:
Clear white light is composed of seven visible colors. It is said that Newton only added indigo to the color spectrum because he believed there must be seven colors for ‘occult reasons’.
(Sir Isaac Newton, late 1660’s experiments with sunlight and prisms.)
Everything in life is vibration.
(Sigmund Freud)
Depending upon emotion and situation color energies/qualities are apt to be present.
(Carl Jung)

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