Expand Your Consciousness With Crystal Affirmations

Explore our designs for a natural, unique route to self-growth and awareness. Our unique Crystal Affirmation Designs are here to inspire and guide you on your journey of growth and self-actualization. One area of focus consists of Artisan-made original pieces created from one or more metaphysically charged crystals. Each Crystal Affirmation Design has been carefully themed with an intended suggested affirmation. If you feel a strong calling from one of our offerings, feel free to make your own intention using perhaps a more personal affirmation. Our labor of love pleases us to provide this service for you. Enjoy. Namaste.
Crystal affirmations have the ability to gently and effectively expand your awareness, triggering self-reflection and promoting positive change. By surrounding yourself with affirmations, you are creating a supportive environment where you can make intentional choices that align with your desires and goals. These affirmations are designed to encourage self-love, trust, and self-acceptance, empowering you to see and accept the beauty within. Additionally, they can help you connect with your higher self and obtain clarity on issues, both physical and mental, that have previously clouded your judgment. The energies of the crystals in the affirmations increase your psychic connections, resulting in an enhanced understanding of your higher self and increased intuitive skills.
How will crystal work and repeating positive affirmations change your life?(more on choosing affirmations in the cleanse and charge section) When the vibrations that are held within you and your crystal merge, blending in your positive affirmation, YOU have the power of transforming your life.
The difference between higher and lower states of vibration in humans.  
When speaking of the metaphysical properties of gemstones, we must have a basic understanding of terminology differences. “Higher vs. Lower” and “Positive vs. Negative”. In both cases, the first word of each set usually denotes a better response, Higher= increase; Positive= optimistic. While the second term of each set represents with negative connotations; Lower= decrease; Negative= pessimistic.
In a quite general sense then, high vibrations would be spoken of in terms of high being good, happy etc. while low vibrations would present as sad, depressed and despondent.
Before we go further, there is no continuum between these two states, no “happy medium”. Perhaps keywords for understanding the vibrations we all carry might be, “seeking, working toward…” Because we all strive for better.
When speaking of the metaphysical properties of gemstones, we need not have a degree in Quantum physics. By being willing and open to enhancing our knowledge base, we will come to know amazing things about ourselves, the universe and the world around us. Information about the chakra centers in our bodies (a concept we though to never understand) came to us in small digestible pieces.
Crown Purple or White
Third Eye Indigo
Throat Blue
Heart Green or Pink
Solar Plexus Yellow
Sacral Orange
Base or Root Red
Seven places in our bodies represented by a color and specific attributes.

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