Best Energy Stones & Healing Crystals in Palos Heights

Crystal Affirmation Design is so much more than an ordinary crystal shop in Palos Heights, Illinois. Based on the principles of profound spiritual knowledge and years of devotion to the study of crystals and their profound metaphysical properties, our shop champions an extensive inventory of remarkable hand-chosen crystals and other items. We are proud to offer not only a variety of the more commonly known families of crystals, such as Agate and Quartz but also the lesser known or geographic specific crystals such as Shungite, Caribbean Calcite and even the UV sensitive, Yooperlite.
Each week a new crystal will be featured. Quantities vary by type and will be limited to those specific items shown in photographs. Each individual crystal was carefully chosen for it's intrinsic beauty and beneficial vibration. There are many different ways to choose your beautiful crystal, as each is unique and has it's own "personality", there is no wrong choice. Your crystal can be a statement piece on your table or worn as a ring on your hand. There are many possibilities... has a crystal ever "called out" to you?
In addition to our wide range of products and fair prices, we also offer custom crystal design such as our crystal enhanced fairy garden creations. Our unique handmade designs go the extra mile to add depth, dimension and beauty to any space. Each is handcrafted with love and attention to detail embodying the magic and healing properties of crystals in a way no one else can. It is true that each crystal carries vibrational healing properties and has the potential to magnify and empower you on life's journey. 
 fairy garden compilation will arrive with it's own original whimsical story. Feel free to add or subtract from the storyline to suit your own personal "feel".
You will also find that throughout the year, along with the crystals, affirmations and creative design, a page will be devoted to continually changing interesting "fun" items for your further enjoyment. Originally our name, Authentic Fun, stood for, "Authentic": 925 rings and other jewelry, diopside, garnets, leather, opals, pearls, tanzanite, topaz, etc. While the "Fun" was an acronym for: Fabulously Underpriced Novelties, which encompassed everything else (wait and see!)
Now, your crystal will not change YOUR life, all by itself. There is a shared responsibility of specific actions required to activate your crystal by positive intention. Additional information regarding the cleansing, charging and your affirmation choice is shared further on. We also believe that your active and consistent commitment and conscious pursuit will lead you to the path of life beyond your wildest dreams. When you align your personal vibration to that of your chosen crystal, believe fully in your specific affirmation, nothing less than positive change is inevitable. A true transformation of your life… but wait, there’s more.
Each crystal, mostly determined by their color, corresponds to a specific chakra:
     Crown- Purple or white
     Third Eye- Indigo
     Throat- Blue
     Heart- Green or Pink
     Solar Plexus- Yellow
     Sacral- Orange
     Root/Base- Red
Some crystals are believed to assist in removing blockages, within or between specific chakra centers, or may even have a secondary or alternative chakra or chakras which they influence. Much more information regarding the chakra centers will be found by completing your own personal literature search.
Color, according to many studies, has shown to play an important role in eliciting certain thoughts, feelings or emotions. In a conscious or unconscious manner, wearing or viewing a specific color, clothing, paint on the walls, in nature, etc., is believed to experience specific thoughts, feelings and emotional responses. The same is believed to hold true for gemstone colors, but with more intensity when a gemstone comes in contact with your skin.

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